About the Neptune Project

Supporting Aussies, their families and friends. The Neptune family is much more than a weighted blanket company. We’re dedicating to helping Aussies live a better, more fulfilling life.

The Neptune Project is our way of being a support system for those that need it most. Every month we’ll work with a different organization to find ways to give back to our community, and we’ll continue to widen our abilities to help the disadvantaged.

Supporting Aussies

To increase the awareness of our services and how to access them among young people, their families, friends and the broader community.

Reduce the stigma

It’s hard to speak up. We want to help reduce the stigma around mental illness as well as encourage people to seek help.

Giving Back

We love our community. We’re teaming up with and supporting organizations that nurture and empower individuals to have rich, fulfilling lives.


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