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We are excited to share with you October's Neptune Project- Stepping Stone House.

In 1989, Max and Joanna Connery made a decision that would not only change the course of their lives, but the lives of young homeless in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

The foundation of their plan was to create a space for young people lost in life, often coming from areas of damaging neglect and abuse. Many of these youths are exposed to drugs, abandonment, alcohol, and violence, and have a myriad of mental health issues stemming from their experiences.  The couple formed a committee of donors, and within weeks they were able to purchase a house on auction and divvied the flat up into 6 bedrooms.

Over the course of the next 20 years, they helped over 300 children, and have built the Stepping Stone House program into a tailored system with outdoor activities and youth mentors. Apart from the main house, young people graduate through different facets of the program, such as a Semi-Independent Living Program, and Independent Living Program, and an Aftercare Program. These collectively serve approximately 40 youths at a time.

Their volunteers and donors make up a team committed to protecting youths, and many youth mentors are those who have returned from completing the Stepping Stone program, eager to help young people through times they once faced.  100% of funds are obtained through Stepping Stone’s own fundraising

The Neptune Project went to visit the Stepping Stone house recently, and we were invigorated by the care, compassion, and treatment of each resident in the program. The Stepping Stone staff are undoubtedly devoted to a brighter future for today’s disparaged youth, as well as providing a safe haven for those who need it most.

 We were very happy to provide cozy weighted blankets to each resident and hope these nighttime comrades will help to ease them on their path to a fulfilling life.

 The Neptune team will be joining Stepping Stone house at their annual Sleep Under the Stars event. We will experience building cardboard shelters in which to bunker for the night, and hear firsthand from some of the inspirational people for whom homelessness was once, a reality. If anyone would like to support this event or know more please head to 

Love Neptune​ X



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