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Warakirri means “to grow.” And Warakirri College aims to help struggling students do just that.

Warakirri College is an independent high school that has made the choice to do things differently. Teens in high school experience all forms of conflict and emotion, and many feel like the odd kid out on campus. Instead of forcing through the days and becoming increasingly uncomfortable and isolated, kids can choose to migrate over to Warakirri College, where they are encouraged to embrace themselves and be proud of who they are while they complete courses in a flexible learning environment.

Warakirri is available for young students from age 15-22. Many attendees didn’t feel like traditional school was the right place for them, and as such, they sought out Warakirri College for not only valuable education, but substantial support to mold them into adulthood.

Students at the school benefit from small class sizes whereby instructors can offer each student increased attention, guidance, and support. Classes are alive with diversity and vary in age, and students are able to work on projects that tug at their interests.

Institutions like this are exactly the type of environments Neptune Blankets aims to help. By creating an unconventional learning system that gives struggling students a safe place to progress into adulthood, Warakirri College is making a positive, uplifting dent in developing lives, promoting better mental health and confidence for the next generation.

We’ve provided Warakirri College with a weighted blanket to help comfort students during exam time, as well as to help calm any students struggling with anxiety. Thank you, Warakirri College, for your devotion to the success and care of those in need.



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