Collection: 3 simple steps you can take to ‘Tune In’ to improve your mental health

It’s always important to practise self care, make effective lifestyle choices, and de-stress regularly. At Neptune Blanket, we know this better than anyone: our weighted blankets are essentially one big cuddle, using Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation to improve your mood, settle down, and achieve an overall sense of calm.

But now, more than ever, it’s worth reminding ourselves to take a breath, relax and be present - especially with October being annual Mental Health Month. This year, the theme of the annual initiative is ‘Tune In’… but what does that mean, exactly? 

Tuning in is all about being aware and present. That is, being aware of what is happening within you, as well as in the world around you.

There are many ways you can ‘tune in’ to improve your wellbeing - to tune in to yourself, start by asking yourself honestly how you feel. Something as simple as being aware of your own feelings can put things in perspective, improve your mood, and help you focus. Tuning in to yourself can also mean taking the time to focus on your feelings, or by practicing self care - this means something different for everyone. Whether it’s making the time to go for a walk, taking a bubble bath, spending time in nature, meditating, or doing something creative - what’s important is that it makes you feel relaxed.

You can also tune in to others, to build positive connections with loved ones. Think about how other people may be feeling, and take care to check in on friends and family - especially if you think they may be feeling down. Visit a loved one for a cup of tea, call them on the phone for a chat, share a hobby you love with them, teach them something you’re good at - or simply just ask them how they’re feeling. Sharing feelings can make the world of difference.

Of course, you can also tune in to the stigma around mental health. By being aware of the misconceptions or barriers faced by yourself or others around mental health, we can lessen the impact of them and increase the understanding of them for everyone - which helps others to seek help when they need it. And to help others to tune in, too.

Who knew helping your mental health could be as simple as a catch up with a pal or some sweet self care? We’ll start with one big, relaxing blanket cuddle, please.


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